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    Clean Design Company is here for you. We have a wide range of talents to serve businesses large and small.

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    Dolphin Film Company

    Web Design, Video Production

    Jun - Aug 2014

    Dolphin came to us for help with producing an amazing video portfolio to present at a national film festival. We even upgraded their website design!

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    Charter Consignment Inc.

    Designer, Decorator

    Jun 2009 – Present

    Charter runs a clean little consignment shop. We spruced up their brand assets and built a few high-impact marketing campaigns.

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    Flavorful, nourishing, as well as sustainable: Sea vegetables are having a minute. Below's how kelp and also its relatives can profit your health and wellness and also your palate. What Do Fish Eat? yourfishguide.com. Rich in vitamins Algae is most frequently referred to as an outstanding...
    October 1, 2020
    Fish are animals, suggesting they have a backbone. All fish have fins and a lot of have ranges (with a couple of exceptions, like catfish which do not). Fish are cold blooded pets that lay eggs as well as are well suited for residing in water. Learn more about the various fish adaptations below...
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